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Legal Humiliation of a Jewish "Holocaust Expert"

  • Uploaded by Hoaxbuster on Feb 27, 2012
  • Hits: 249

An excerpt from the video "Dismantling the Holocaust", and focusing on the cross-examination of the prosecution's number one "Holocaust" expert, Dr. Raul Hilberg, during the 1985 political show-trial of publisher Ernst Zundel in Canada.

Hilberg's credibilty was completely destroyed by Zundel's lawyer, Doug Christie, during his cross-examination of Hilberg.

When the Zundel was brought back to court on a new trumped-up charge in a new 1988 political show-trial, Hilberg was too chicken-shit to make another appearance in Canadian court; knowing full well that he could be charged with perjury based on his 1985 appearance.

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