Labourers in Christ Jesus, our anointed Bridegroom

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Labourers in Christ Jesus, our anointed Bridegroom that sits in our hearts, the Virgins - 1. LABOURERS IN JESUS AND SUPER DISCIPLES IN ANTICHRISTS.
In Jesus, the Christ, we are not Disciples but Labourers working in the Vineyard of our Father where the Eternal True Vine Christ Jesus has been Planted by our Father, the Gardner. Our aim is to work hard to earn the Friendship of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.
The Entrance to this Vineyard is through the Narrow Gate that you need to find it yourself. Gate is known to the twice-born solitary people of spirit and they point to others urging them to be solitary, the masters of their own destinies as the born-blind person of John9 was. But blind to spirit men of Letters, the university Professors, have no chance of either becoming solitary or finding the Gate. Thus, you need to be a twice-born seeker of His Word capable of logical reasoning to taste the Nectar Logos. That is why Christ Jesus stressed to the clean-hearted man of Letters Nicodemus that unless you are born of spirit or are capable of logical reasoning; you cannot know or enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. Nicodemus being a man of Letters took the born again message literally and replied that how could he go back into the womb of his mother to be born again? Here Christ Jesus wanted to stress that although Nicodemus was a righteous person devoted to God yet without the grace of our Father, he could not understand the spiritual language. The same happened to the 5000 that Christ Jesus fed with heavenly Bread but when He asked them to eat His, Jesus', Flesh or understand what comes out of the mouth of Jesus and drink the refreshing Blood of Christ, Preach the Gospel from their living hearts and not the dead Books, again the men of Letters could not understand and they ran away from Him. So, Christ Jesus challenged His chosen Labourers, Do you want to leave me as well? In other words, Christ Jesus was Himself Solitary and He challenged His Labourers to be solitary Freemen as well. Then Peter who loved the Taste of heavenly Bread and saw the Miracles replied that you have the living Bread where else shall we go? In short, only the people who are solitary could enter the Vineyard of our Father and that is why in Christ Jesus, everyone is to give his own account to God.
Now, the Disciples are not solitary workers but they are the blind followers of their Priests. The origin of the word Disciple is from discipline. The once-born children need disciplining and that is why they are sent to the schoolmaster Rabbi for learning the moral laws of Moses which is Milk. They do whatever their Rabbi Priests tells them to do. For example, these blind to spirit Rabbis tell them not to work on Sabbath, a Day devoted to the worship of God. But when these Rabbis had no Light of God within themselves, then how could they guide the others, their Disciples? Six days, you should work to earn your living whilst on the Seventh Day, you should Pray and learn the moral laws from the Rabbi and perform Philanthropic work as the Samaritan man did to the wounded person. Samaritans did not have the Scriptures as the Chosen People had but they rather went by their hearts. Heart that makes a person living as our soul does, points us to our living Father whereas the dead Books to the dead demi-urge gods such as Yahweh, Brahma, etc.

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