Labourers in Christ Jesus, our anointed Bridegroom

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Now, John, the Baptist, was an ideal Levi Priest of Moses and He had Disciples. Remember when Christ Jesus and His Labourers were eating at Matthew's place some Pharisees and Sadducees asked His Labourers, why don't you wash your hands before eating, pray and fast as the Disciples of John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees and Sadducees, etc. do? Then, Christ Jesus told them that so far they are with their Bridegroom, Son of God, Who has come to train them in the Vineyard of our Father, they need not do that. But when He has gone from the hearts of people, then they will pray and fast as you find people doing that in Churches as if our Father is NOT Omniscient.
In Jesus, if you want to Preach Gospel, then you need to eat the Flesh of Jesus, the Heavenly Bread, that is, understand Gospel Parables and then Drink the Refreshing Blood of Christ, Preach Gospel not from the Books but from your own living Tablet of heart where you have allowed Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom to be seated to guide your life. That is, you have become the Servant of Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom as a wife is to her husband and does whatever pleases the husband. Thus, in Jesus, Gospel is received FREE and it is Preached FREE. The hirelings in Jesus are Antichrists who promote the blind to spirit Book Disciples.
Remember that in Moses, we had Priests teaching the Moral Laws of Adam, the Flesh born and die whilst in Christ Jesus, we are the Royal Priests, who Preach the Gospel of our Father God. Our Father is Eternal and so are we the sons of Most High eternal. Lazarus, a Friend of Christ Jesus, presents a good example of Resurrection. So, have confidence in Christ Jesus and carry your own Cross in the name of Christ Jesus. Rabbis used to have Christ in their hearts, they were Freemen and knew Oral Torah on the basis of which these dead Moral Laws are made. Letter killeth; spirit giveth life. So, John, the Baptist was an Ideal Priests or Prophet Elijah and he had Disciples. Christ Jesus prepared Seventy outer circle Labourers in the name of John, the Baptist. If we are greater than John, the Baptist, then we are Super Freemen, the Solitary Labourers of our Father God working in His Vineyard. And those who are still bound Disciples of the Antichrist Dog-Collared hireling Priests such as Pope, Bishop, etc. who are worse off than the Moses' Priests -- Matt.12.v43-45, and then they are Super Blind Disciples of Antichrist Pope, Priests, etc. They know what is written in the corrupted Books and have no spirit to understand the hidden meanings of the Parables. Such spiritually blind super Disciples are not allowed to read any other Holy Books other than the Bible. Like the Disciples of Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests, etc. engaged in the Torah who did not want to know Christ Jesus at all whereas the village illiterate people loved to listen to Christ Jesus.
Holy spirit, common sense, Shatter the fetters of the letters of the holy Books, went well with the village people and that is why Christ Jesus stressed that I am going but leaving with you holy spirit, the Companion that will set you FREE of the yokes of Rabbis and their sins but put you under the very light yoke of righteousness that originates from your own heart and you yourself are the judge. The Disciples of Rabbis are not allowed to exercise common sense or holy spirit at all in case they become independent of the Rabbis.
The Antichrist Pope is still flourishing creating super blind Disciples. No wonder the Gentile call the Jews and the Christians the people of the Book.

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