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Thousands Of Dolphins Flee California Coast 2012

A huge dolphin pod 'stampede' was captured on camera on Thursday as amazed onlookers in a passing boat caught a glimpse of the Fin-tastic phenomenon. The shots of the massive cluster of surfacing dolphins was filmed from the Dana Pride, a boat for whale and dolphin watching, operated by Dana Point Whale Watch in southern California. The mega-pod of dolphins is thought to number close to 2000, far greater than the average pod of around 12 dolphins. But what was the cause? More than hundred dolphins beached in Cape Cod baffle scientists: digitaljournal.com Why Are Dolphins Beaching Themselves? news.discovery.com 80+ Whales and Dolphin Beached in Australia www.treehugger.com Hundreds Of Starlings Drop Dead From The Sky, Are We Next? www.youtube.com "THOUSANDS" Dead Birds Rain Down On Arkansas Town 2011 www.youtube.com No One Knows Why 20 Tonnes Of Dead Fish Washed Up On A Norwegian Beach www.businessinsider.com Tons of Military Activity Prior and During the Unusual Mass Stranding off the Cape Cod strandednomore.wordpress.com ADG Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow ADG on Twitter: twitter.com

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