The Original - Stranger In The Sky Over Brooks, Alberta Canada: Nibiru, Planet X or an Alien Planet?

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Feb 28, 2012
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Sunday February 12, 2012 at 2:30 I was filming the sky after an all morning chem trailing. I decided to film around the Sun and all of a sudden. I saw this strange planet going in front of the sun. I couldn't believe my eyes. I raced out side but it hid behind the clouds so I waited and there it was again next to the sun. I couldn't make out the features. But that planet shouldn't be there. I film the sky a lot and I never saw that before. I wonder if it is planet X. Whatever it is it scared the heck out of me. It wasn't the moon because I filmed it the night before and it was just over half moon. It wasn't the sun since I could look at it with out squinting. Now I know why the chem trailing was crazy in the morning. It was covering something. I suggest you go out and take your time looking at the sky and let me know if anyone sees this....thing. I don't know what to make of it. I have about 25 minutes of this thing looping around the sun. go here for better quality video Thanks for watching. Please comment.

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