A New Era in Morphed E.T. UFOs as Domestic Air Craft 2-19-12

*Click-Here Description* (Recorded by William(Atman)&Alma(Atma)Roehling in San Diego Calif.2-19-12) A Small Group From Our San Diego "Star Gate 2012 & Beyond" Group Conducted a UFO Sky Watch at a Members Home on Blessed Land, We Were Told thru a Cosmic Communication, That We Would Receive a Cosmic Visitation or "Sightings of a Different Type" and to Have Our "Recording Devices"(Camera's) "Ready" and We Weren't Disappointed, as This Morphed E.T. UFO Craft Into a Civilian Airliner. Pay Close Attention to the "Spot Light" Movements as it Points Up, Down & Backwards Directly at "US" Then Made Several Low Altitude, High Speed Sharp Turns & Loops Around Our Groups Home, as there Has "Never" Been an Airliner This Low Over Her Home...
My 4yrs of Non-Stop Galactic Visitations & Interactions Stopped over 6Months Ago & the E.T.s(GFLFP) Have Told Me: I Would Soon Begin Receiving Visitations "Sightings of a Different Type" and This is One Example of What They Meant...!!!
Another Recording was Shot With a Normal Video Camera and a Beautiful UFO Was Captured in the Middle of the Hologramed Aircraft, Which Will Be Released After An Extensive Scientific Analysis Evaluation...!!!
Peace & Blessings to all in 2012...

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