The Secret to live abundantly - Lilou interviewed by Pablo Arellano

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Interview by Pablo Arellano recorded in Merida Mexico end of November 2011. About Lilou's book: This is the sequel to Lilou Mace's I Lost my Job and I Liked It. At the close of her first book, I Lost My Job and I Liked It (A 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker) Lilou Macé shared her feelings of being "...on top of the mountain." In the continuation of her story, I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart), she soon discovers that she had merely reached a plateau. It would take further courage and determination to continue her ascent to the "mountain top". It would also take a willingness to open her heart and be emotionally vulnerable to allow loving abundance in.

On her path to self realization, Lilou is met with a startling number of humbling detours and hopeful synchronicities. Yet it is her unshakeable faith in her life purpose and the inspired actions she takes, that bring her ever closer to realizing her dreams.

I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart) doesn't sugar-coat the obstacles one confronts when taking a leap of faith. What it does do is celebrate the joy that comes from following the calling of your heart, staying in the flow of unlimited possibilities and opening yourself up to the miracles that await if you trust yourself, trust the Universe... and believe.

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