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Apollo Zero [Full Movie]

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  • uploaded: Feb 28, 2012
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  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith March 1, 2012 11:54:00 PM CET

    having reviewed the film and thought more on it, this possibility strikes me; I don't think we had the technology to get to the moon in 1969 unless secrete technology was employed. Where did it come from and what was used? If we have recovered Alien tech, it may have been possible. if we had the batteries they used on the moon for 33 hours, that were used under extreme conditions we would not need gas.all cars would be electric. They either have off world tech they can't talk about or tech human made they won't share out of greed.

  • Cwcowling77#

    Cwcowling77 March 1, 2012 3:44:06 AM CET

    I had to give you only one star. Unfortunately it lowered your star rating. Next time if you try harder I will give you more stars......promise. I still love you very very much!!

  • T47hip#

    T47hip March 1, 2012 1:40:11 AM CET

    I Agree with you Kenny!!!! and the dude who ambushed these little ol' men needs his ass kicked!!! from the looks of it, he interviewed those ex astronauts in their own homes and i bet he lied through his teeth to get them to agree. Then he ambushes them with his bs and calls the moon landing a hoax and a satanic lie lololol Your conspiracy always seem more real when you get punched in the face eh you stupid !@#$!!! doesnt matter if the moon landing happened or not, doesnt matter that they ex astronauts, you !@#$in' lied your way into old peoples homes then attacked their life's achievements. Big man... you must feel real good inside after that one, your family must be proud....punk.

  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith February 29, 2012 6:56:57 PM CET

    the truth is many layered. On the surface it was all about the security state's paranoia in keeping up with the Russians as to not be over matched in technology. NASA is also a convenient way to make money disappear so that black ops can get their grubby hands on it without over site. Of course the science and research came in handy for the military as well. That's three layers out of how many? Who knows- black ops runs deep. Cheap way to deliver NSA satellites, no?

  • Amnya#

    Amnya February 29, 2012 9:15:53 AM CET

    no, it is clear, it was a bluff to foul the USSR. And the lie kept on living until USA convinced the USSR on destroying their space station. USA is intelligent, but they lie way too much. But nevertheless, i find the USA a very intelligent country to fool its people and the whole world the way they do now.

  • Pnf777#

    Pnf777 February 29, 2012 5:09:22 AM CET

    woulnt it be nice if when ppl lied they get punched in the face by a magical hand that would fix stuff XD

  • Pnf777#

    Pnf777 February 29, 2012 5:04:12 AM CET


  • Kennyforever#

    Kennyforever February 29, 2012 1:16:59 AM CET

    This is the Biggest load of crapp I have ever seen,The real reason for the Apollo programe will not be known for years.

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