Iphone Video Hero - IPhone Filmmaking - iVideo Her

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---Iphone Video Hero - IPhone Filmmaking - iVideo Hero. Inside the supercharged iPhone Video Hero
Video based training viewable 24/7 on Mac/Pc and iPhone/iPad.
Easy to follow, step by step learning. Follow along as I make videos in front of you.
How to get better quality out of your iPhone's video camera.
How to shoot steadier videos without a tripod.
How to capture crisp audio on your iPhone using an external microphone.
How to film a vlog, opt-in or sales page video.
How to shoot customer testimonials.
How to make a Video ad using an App that edits your footage for you.
How to light on a budget.
How to create that famous Apple white background look using your iPhone. (Download by own lighting plan)
Easy editing guide to iMovie on your iPhone. (Works with an iPad too!)
Accessory guide + more!

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