In Christ Jesus, we are Labourers and not the spir

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In Christ Jesus, we are Labourers and not the spiritually super blind Disciples. Rabbis have Disciples. John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi in the name of Adam, Pharissees, Sadducees, etc had Disciples who did what they were told to do without exception or exercising their Freewill. In Jesus, we are encouraged to exercise our Freewill for the good of humanity. John, the Baptist had Disciples but he himself was a Freeman. But in Jesus, the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist, so we are Super Freemen as compared with Prophet Elijah, John, the Baptist. So, anyone who confesses to be a Disciple of Christ Jesus, he is a spiritually Super Blind Disciple who obeys the Pope, Bishop, etc. In Jesus, you need to be a sensible person of spirit or common sense and a Freeman Labourer who gives his own account to God.

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