"You're all run by the new world order. You're all

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Teen Accused in Grandfather's Death Spits at His Lawyers face

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Clinton Drake was dressed in a suicide vest, heavily
guarded as he faced a judge in a Lee County courtroom. But no one could
stop the 19-year-old from yelling. He said, "You're all run by the new world order. You're all run by Google." As his lawyer was comforting him, he spit in her face. He was taken from the courtroom and didn't return. After the shocking outburst, the judge went ahead with the hearing
without Drake. His lawyer, Beatriz Taquetchel returned to tell the court two doctors don't believe he is fit to stand trial. "For the last several weeks, Clinton has been housed in the East side of
the suicide section, they have an east and west. He is the only inmate
there," said Taquetchel. She says the padded room he was provided wasn't safe enough after he
tried to hurt himself by diving into a toilet. The teen has been housed
there since deputies say he killed his 84-year-old grandfather John, and
left his body in a truck at a busy Cape Coral intersection.
The judge agreed with two doctors' findings. Drake was involuntarily
committed into a mental hospital where he will remain for treatment. The
court will continue checking in on his progress to see if he will ever
be able to move forward to trial.

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