Supersonic Pulse Gun Close To Reality 2012 HD

Navy officials told this week that the stunning railgun, which relies on magnets rather than explosives to fire bullets at several times the speed of sound, blasted through budget constraints that are leaving federal research programs in Washington at the drawing board and unfinished. "I think it is a great example of how our Naval and science technology -- in these tough fiscal times -- can be responsive to the military's emerging needs," said Adm. Matthew Klunder, Chief of Naval Research for the Office of Naval Research (ONR), which has been developing the electromagnetic railgun since 2005. He insisted that not only will the railgun fire projectiles faster and further than any weapon now known to man, but "in these fiscal times of belt tightening, it's more of a cost-effective system." "We're still talking about four times the range," said Klunder, calling it "leap-ahead technology." "This is the stuff you saw in movies a couple of years ago, cutting edge, taking out the Transformers, and now it's reality," he added. In addition, rather than relying on chemical propellants like gunpowder, the railgun uses an electromagnetic pulse to create strong magnetic fields that in turn propel the conductive bullet on a sliding metal sled and out of the barrel -- at 4500 to 5000 mph and as far as 100 nautical miles away in about 5 minutes, with possible future expansion to 220 miles, according to ONR. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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