2/28/2012 -- Severe Tornado outbreak occurring -- multiple states -- NWS warnings issued

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watch tornado chasers LIVE in their cars chasing these tornadoes .. link here: be safe to everyone in this storms path.. www.tornadoalleylive.com website post with screenshots of the alert areas and links you will need to monitor this severe outbreak: sincedutch.wordpress.com If you live in Omaha Nebraska -- its not too late to make preparations.. tornadoes damaging winds and hail are coming out of north central Kansas (north of Manhattan) heading towards the general area of Omaha Nebraska . This line of storms has verified tornadoes detected by the NWS (issued alerts already) -- also two states worth of tornado watches (keep on the lookout for possible tornadoes to develop). Further north in Nebraska , Minnesota , and Wisconsin, we're seeing damaging winds, and Hail detected --- possible tornadic development may occur within these storms as well. In the pacific northwest -- washington state, and oregon -- we're seeing strong cell thunderstorms, and damaging winds detected. In the southEAST .. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia .. we are seeing the stage be set for possible severe to occur late tonight into tomorrow after noon (2/29/2012). Overall.. the West, Central, North, and South USA are under some kind of severe weather currently. Be safe and heed warnings issued for your particular area. ----------------------------------- Funding the operation: The help if the individual viewer is needed !! I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able ...

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