Planet X... Magnetic Field/quake connection & Solar Storm DISINFO

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SAME Magnetic Polarity in alignment would cause a repellent of our Magnetic Field!
It's basic fact and science!
Earth's Magnetic field has been getting repelled more and more frequently not only that the amount it has been getting repelled has been increasing!
In the time frame of those occurrences there has been an obvious pattern of Larger Earthquake activity.
Also migration of birds/animals is followed by the connection to our Magnetic field, with an increasing disturbance with Earth's Magnetic Field that also might explain the lately occurrences of the strange animal activity that has been increasing.
Such as species of birds being found in never before seen places and the increase of beached fish, whales etc.
Plus those crazy random birds kills, all of it has a connection to the changes of Earth.

Remember Earth is a Magnetic! ONLY another Magnetic influence of
An incoming great mass such as Planet X orbiting in a Binary orbit incoming to orbit around our Sun could cause this disturbance at times where the same polarity of Earth and PX is in alignment.
That is why not only our Magnetic field is being repelled and there has been earthquakes patterns along with that BUT ALSO the amount our field has been getting repelled has been increasing!
Which means the Magnetic bully is incoming and getting closer.
I've shown the images of our magnetic field doing just as I've described along with the earthquake patterns.
Also when I state "particle alignment".. Planet X has a charged tail from its magnetic N Pole. Shortly after the Magnetic alignment the charged particles are also aim at Earth.
Which is why recently there have been a few random "Satellites falling to Earth"
Ancient cultures spoke in times of change there would be "lights" in the sky, sounds etc.
Also why NASA in 2011 ended their Space Shuttle missions for good, they know what is going on and aren't going up in space anymore!
The information is out there!

Check the current Magnetic field/Magnetosphere here;

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