Muslims in Israel try to ambush and lynch Israelis

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(from the source)- I was trying to figure out why the Palestinians would invite
videographers and photographers to witness their criminal/terrorist
actions . I suspect that the Arabs were trying to instigate a
response from the Jewish drivers (i.e. a driver pulling a weapon or one
who elected to barrel through the mob). IMHO these responses would
have been warranted, however, if the Arabs were able to catch such a
response on video, they would be able to use it to vilify the people and
the State of Israel. Naturally, regardless of how ridiculous the
accusations may have been, Israel would nonetheless capitulate and offer
some sort of concession to the Palestinians as an appeasement. This is
sort of the way things go here. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt
and the "Peace-Loving" Palestinians continue to show their true colors
to the world.

( the women interviewed had a baby in the front seat, the reason that they hesitate before commencing the attempted lynching is to check if the driver is an Israeli or muslim, for video with full english subs:;amp;

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