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Oxford Theologians study Obsolete Theology of Lett

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Oxford Theologians study Obsolete Theology of Letters good for Super Donkeys carrying H.Books. Today, I went to Oxford to take part in discussion that was arranged by The Graduate Theological Society as per invitation to a Round-Table Discussion on the subject of Has ‘Theology’ Become Obsolete? Very honourable Professors Prof Daphne Hampson Prof George Pattison Dr Simon Podmore Dr Johannes Zachhuber chaired, At the Collier Room, Regent’s Park College Wednesday 7th Week, 5-7 p.m. those interested in attending should RSVP to Chris Shaw: christopher.shaw@regents.ox.ac.uk. Those at the Table gave out their views. They took a while and I thought if they themselves are taking so long, what time would be left for the floor? However, after they had finished in which Darwin’s theory and all that was flogged, and then the President of the Union asked each of them questions. I did raise my hand but I was told it was not of my interest.
Now, I had a plan to ask a logical question. John, the Baptist was an Ideal Rabbi or Prophet Elijah. He was of the Levi tribe and a Freeman. He ordered his Disciples what to do otherwise they would commit a sin. Whereas Christ Jesus being a Christ was a Preacher of Gospel and He was a anointed Royal High Priest. Christ Jesus trained His Chosen Labourers in the Vineyard of our Father that you enter through the Narrow Gate meant for the Solitary. That is, why when Christ Jesus fed the 5000 with the heavenly Bread and asked them to become His Partners by eating the Flesh of Jesus or understanding the Gospel uttered by the Mouth of Jesus and to Drink the Blood of Christ that involves Preaching of Gospel from one’s heart and not the Book then. most of the Jews from Jerusalem, the men of letters, could not understand this metaphor and left him. Then Christ Jesus challenged His Chosen Twelve whether they too would like to leave Him? Then, Peter after seeing the Miracles replied that you have the living Bread, our Daily Bread, Gospel, where else could we go? That is Christ Jesus Himself was Solitary and He urged His Companions or Labourers to be solitary as well. Christ Thomas stresses this solitariness in His Gospel. In short, Christ Jesus trained them in the Vineyard of our Father by taking them in and out of the Narrow Gate for the Solitary but each one was left to give his own account to God. Judas Iscariot defected to Mammon. Under the Rabbinic system, the Rabbi acts like a Schoolmaster for the once-born and give their accounts every year at Passover. Whereas Christ Jesus Himself became the Passover Lamb of God to stress that you too be ready for Sacrifice as the Righteous Lambs of God. Now, in Jesus we being the Royal Priests of God, slaves to Righteousness, are greater than the Priests of Moses in the name of Adam, slaves to sins. Further, like the Rabbis, Pharisees, etc., John, the Baptist too had Disciples that obeyed Him. This is clear when the Pharisee and Sadducees asked the Partners of Christ Jesus eating at Matthew’s place, why they do not wash their hands before eating or pray and fast like the Disciples of John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc.? Then, Christ Jesus replied to them that they have Bridegroom, Christ Jesus, in their hearts, the Bride Chamber and so far He is with them, they need not pray or fast. But when He is gone from their hearts and they have become crooks, then they will pray and fast as the Disciples in Rabbis do? That is, the Partners of Christ Jesus were not under the sway of Christ Jesus as the Disciples of Rabbis were but they were rather solitary Freemen enjoying the Fellowship or Company of Christ Jesus. Now, think logically. John, the Baptist was a Freeman and so were the Partners of Christ Jesus. But as the Partners of Christ Jesus were greater than John, the Baptist, then the Partners of Christ Jesus were Super Freemen. Thus, to address the Partners of Christ Jesus as Disciples makes no sense as Disciples are far below the rank of Christs or Apostles. If we say, that calling the Partners of Christ Jesus as Disciples is to call them Obsolete Disciples good for nothing and so is theology of Letters. That is, such people of the Book devoid of spirit are worse than the blind Disciples of Rabbis. This fulfils Matt.12.v43-45 that the defunct Temple Priests found their way into the Church of God and made the situation worse than before. Dead letters of the Torah, the old wine, made the skins to burst when the Apostles went to the Churches of God to deliver the New Wine. The Disciples of Bishops did not like the New Wine and the Bishops became so authoritarian that they started hunting their critics as Pope did. So, these Universities and Colleges are producing obsolete useless Disciples of the Books or super donkeys carrying Holy Books. If you want to give your own account to God and be a Fisher of Men, the people who are masters of their own destinies, then be a Partner of Jesus and enjoy Fellowship. Royal Priests do not need hireling Priests.

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