Book Revision -2a:- Who are the Gnostics? Super Do

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Book Revision -2a:- Who are the Gnostics? Super Donkeys men of Letters call them heretics.

Here is some text and the rest on web site. THE G N O S T I C S

The academic theologians of the letters have painted a very dark picture of the Gnostics so much so that they have branded them as "heretics". That is the correct picture that these men of letters are capable of painting as Gnosticism is for the people of "spirit" and not for those of the "letters". Without spirit, one cannot put on the living christ in the name of Jesus and this Jesus manifested in John 9 by opening the eyes of a born-blind man with his spittle. This passage of John 9 is quite interesting in that it presents a confrontation between the men of letters, the old skins full of the old wine of Moses' letters and a predestined born-blind man of spirit, an illiterate brand new skin very suitable for the New Wine of Jesus.

Now, many of us are doing things that are wrong even to such an extent as the terrible Saul did before Jesus opened his spiritual Fourth Eye. So, this born-blind man was a predestined "sensible" person capable of handling and looking after the Precious Treasures of God, the Gospel, through whom Jesus could proclaim His mission, i.e. Jesus came to open the spiritual third eye of the sensible people only and it was for this reason that He told His Labourers not to proclaim Him to the masses as the Christ of God. But to this sensible man He was too pleased to proclaim His Christship as He did to the highly spiritual Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.

This blind man was neither a stupid person nor a stooge of the Moses' Priests but a very outspoken and "solitary" sensible person who gave very sensible and assuring answers to his neighbours and the Priests who put up silly questions to him. In fact, the answers to the Priests were interesting in that the Priests, who were totally blinded with the old wine of letters(written Torah) totally rejected even the blind man's physical claims and they did not accept that Jesus was from God; whereas the less drunk Pharisees did confess that unless Jesus was of God, He could not perform such miracles. This mixture of men caused a great confusion in their own camp and the blind man tactfully mocked them by such remarks as in John 9.27: "Look!" the man exclaimed, "I told you once; didn't you listen? Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become His disciples too?" Finally, Jesus summarises His purpose of coming into the world in John 9.39: Then Jesus told him, "I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually alive and to show those who think they see (in the "letters") that they are blind".

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