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Secret War In Space - NASA Coverup? - Rare Footage - Proof that UFOs are REAL - Aliens being Attacked by Humans

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  • uploaded: Mar 2, 2012
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You might deny it, but you CAN'T ignore it!

We are constantly being visited by UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings. Government coverup is a FACT. Misinformation is their way of doing things. Don't be oblivious to that which is obvious. You need to take action! Band together and DEMAND that the government tell you the truth.

Aliens are among us. Many are good, benevolent beings who mean us no harm. Some, on the other hand, are cruel and vicious towards humankind. OUR GOVERNMENT KNOWS THIS! And what do they do?

WATCH the videos in my FAVORITES. Especially, the video of Alex Collier.

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  • Bonebutch#

    Bonebutch March 3, 2012 8:03:43 AM CET

    Wouldnt the first thing were if you are working for Nasa that you accept the fact that it is life out there. What the hell are you doing working at a space agency and then say "no, there are no ufo's"... Get real. Like someone said Nasa gets trillions of tax payer money in funding and then only produces some photos and astronauts jumping around on the ISS. The biggest rip-off in history.

  • Danlanza#

    Danlanza March 2, 2012 1:45:16 PM CET

    Dont you just love how NASA scientists have the greatest explanations for denying any posibility of the existence of ufo's.These people are supposed to be some of the greatest minds on earth yet they come out with the most ridiculous of comments.Dont they and the governments realise that people are starting to see them as total liars.To scared of stepping outside of that bubble they live in.If ex astronauts say they have seen things that should not be there then surely it warrants a proper NASA/GOVERNMENT investigation.People are fed up with being lied to and treated like idiots.DISCLOSURE,the sooner the better for all humanity.

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