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FULL MOON JANUARY 2012 FLASHING LIGHTNING OR FLUKE? Images taken with a small digital camera during a full moon in January 2012 at the foothills of the east tucson mountains. I've taken numerous images of the full moon and none had ever come out like this. White lightning or just a technical fluke.
First three images were with the flash and then I was able to turn off the flash with the rest of the images.

No camera movement.I use to take pictures the for the Sun News in Silver, City. And the editor was always amazed as to how clear and colorful all my images were as they were the ones who took the roll of film and did the prints. It was cloudy that night and the moon seemed huge and then the clouds started to close in on the moon, so I stopped taking pictures. Where I took the pics there were no city lights because I headed out of town to the east Tucson foothills.

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