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How To Break A Car Window With One Finger

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Mar 3, 2012
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  • Mikeizon#

    Mikeizon March 6, 2012 6:46:17 PM CET

    its fake.... right at the end you see a tool in the firefighters hand...

  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy March 3, 2012 10:56:40 PM CET

    seems a waist of time tbh ...... if a fireman needs to break a car window in an emergency i doubt he will waist time tapping the window ....... also this video will just encourage morons to start breaking car windows ..... so the person who filmed and uploaded the original video could be held liable for all those broken window repairs ... lol

  • Tooting#

    Tooting March 3, 2012 7:04:53 PM CET

    simple vibration...

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