Book Revision-3:- Best Age For receing Gospel is b

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Book Revision-3:- Best Age For receing Gospel is between 25 to 50 but exceptions are there. I just put part of the Chapter as the whole Book will appear on my website. Normally not people of all ages are capable of understanding the Gospel. Although God can overrule this generalisation yet by nature there is a certain stage in one's life when one is more capable of receiving the Gospel than at the other stages. This is well demonstrated by Christ Jesus in the process of creating the Footsteps for us to tread upon even though He possessed the very Spirit of God right from His Virgin conception. Thus, when Christ Jesus was a child, He concentrated His efforts in explaining to the Rabbis the basis of their moral laws and the significance of the "letters" in which the very moral laws had been written. It was only when He was of the age of 30 that He offered Himself to the ideal Priest of Moses in the name of John, the Baptist of the LEVI TRIBE for the baptism of water that stands for Adam and sins that you commit under the moral laws of Moses. So, we can say that the Baptism of John, the Baptist stood for and still stands for the washing off of the "sins" committed under the ignorance of knowledge of the moral laws. Although Christ Jesus Himself was "sinless" yet this formality was just to create the Footstep for and stress the significance of Baptism for others to know and follow. This fact was known to John but Jesus asked Him to go ahead for the sake of stressing to be born of water or representing their tribal elders as Salt of the earth to become capable of understanding Gospel of our Father from Him for their own Salvation and of the others working as the Fishers of Men. Thus, the Baptism of John, the Baptist was to prepare the Way to the Royal Kingdom of God, the Vineyard of our Father into which only the Solitary can enter through the Narrow Gate. John, the Baptist being an Ideal Rabbi, a Priest in Moses, had Disciples similar to the Rabbis, Pharisees and Sadducees whilst Christ Jesus being the anointed Royal High Priest of our Father, a True Vine Planted by our Father Gardner, He employed Labourers in This Vineyard and trained them so well that at the Last Supper a stranger would not know who was the Real Christ Jesus. That is why an Insider, Judas Iscariot of Judah tribe, a Baby Prince of Darkness was hired by the Temple Priests to catch Real Christ Jesus.

Significance of age in which Nature plays its role has been demonstrated by Christ Jesus through Nicodemus and Saul, who later on became Christ Paul in His honour or being a Virgin had Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom in his Bridal Chamber heart and as a Servant of or through the Bridegroom Christ Jesus, He preached Gospel.

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