ancient aliens s04ep04 ALIENS AND MEGA-DISASTERS (

Now, this series has become a prime example of what will happen to a good product, (which initially is well presented, was based upon serious and decades of research, and some solid and defensible evidence") when MONEY becomes the measurement, instead of what it should be : solid facts with a theory to match. All what's left is a wannabe superstar, who confuses his own believes and interpretations with what indeed is truly fact according to ALL ancient astronaut theorists. Or should I say to what ancient astronaut theorists actually believe to be evidence and possibilities.
It all started out so well but this show (the word says it all) does much more damage to the credibility then what the first series initially managed to build up. not to mention the vocabulary used by Georgio. The producers either clipped his comments from the first episode and are pasting those in every show after, either that, or Georgio has become that closed minded by his assumptions that it ultimately has resulted in becoming his own PARROT.
anyway, it's because I've committed myself to posting this entire season so enjoy. note, I've just added a clause to that commitment as an escape. "It surely mustn't get any weirder" lol

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