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3/4/2012 -- Arkansas Plumes erupt again -- DORMANT VOLCANOES at epicenters

The chances of this being a series of "wildfires" that erupt at the same rough time each day, that only go for a few hours ... that only seem to be coming from dormant volcanic areas , VISIBLE FROM SPACE, ALL ERUPTING AT THE SAME TIME over multiple days now... those chances are starting to slim down dramatically. Erupting from the ground.. from areas such as Hot Springs, Murfreesboro crater of Diamonds volcano, or Sulphur Springs (all in the Arkansas dormant volcanic chain along the edge of the North American Craton/plate). Maybe dormant volcanoes are prone to burning.. or heating up?? From past experience (pisgah crater) seems reports of almost anything surface .. skeptics of any form of volcanic venting have said OFFICIAL reports are "out of control wildfires" OR "control burns done yearly" OR "convection of ground level moisture producing a cloud plume from the ground" OR "farmers burning old crops" OR "trash burns of tires" ... ... lol @ all the official explanations being thrown around... Everyone proclaiming to know the answer.. yet Im seeing Steam/Clouds of some kind come off dormant volcanoes... and the only explanation being given is "fires". hmm While I HAVE already formed my opinion on what I think these may be (venting of steam due to pressure along the edge of the craton -- occurring only at dormant volcanic sites which already have the inner earth structure capable of producing such events)...... I don't expect everyone to believe me hands down without ...

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