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3/5/2012 -- 6.1 magnitude earthquake -- Argentina South America + Global Earthquake Swarm

We are in the middle of a moderate GLOBAL earthquake swarm. A series of moderate to large sized earthquakes has struck around the Pacific ring of fire .... Currently (230am CST 3/5/2012) this 6.1 magnitude in Argentina South America is the largest of the swarm --- however the west pacific -- Indonesia east to Vanuatu -- is showing heavy activity. All of Asia .. south to New Zealand.. northwest from Indonesia .. through India ... into central Europe = BE ALERT of a possible sizable earthquake(s) over the next few DAYS... West Coast USA -- Baja .. north through Mono Lake CA -- then northwest to Vancouver Island British Columbia -- also along the edge of the north American Craton (laurentia) BE ALERT as well --- the threat of a possible 5.0M+ earthquake in the near term exists. Links to monitor this current global swarm of earthquakes are here: --------------------------------------------- Funding the operation: The help if the individual viewer is needed !! I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able to help ! Secure link to give is here: my paypal name is As you can see on my websites / videos / work --- I have no advertisements, no sponsors, and I am not selling anything related to the topics I cover. All my work is free for sharing, and distribution -- radio, TV, and print. MANY THANKS to those who have helped in the past, and cheers to those who are thinking about giving ...

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