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How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners


How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners

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This video is here to demonstrate that the TSA's insistence that the nude body scanner program is effective and necessary is nothing but a fraud, just like their claims that the program is safe (radiation what?) and non-invasive (nude pictures who?). This video is not intended to teach anyone how to commit criminal acts, nor is intended to help "the terrorists" -- if I could figure this out, I'm sure they've long figured it out, and by exposing it to the public, we now have an opportunity to correct it. The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort. The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.

Please share this video with your family, friends, and most importantly, elected officials in federal government. Make sure they understand that your vote is contingent on them fixing the abuse that 200,000 passengers face from the TSA on a daily basis.

I'd like to thank:

Travel Underground - http://www.travelunderground.org/

Freedom to Travel USA - http://fttusa.org/

Legislators who have stood up to the TSA - especially Dr. Ron Paul & Sen. Rand Paul

...and all those who have both publicly and privately stood up to the TSA.

My legal battle against the TSA's nude body scanner and pat-down molestation program continues in court, soon with a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. If you'd like to donate to this effort, send PayPal to: jon [at] fourtentech.com

Copyright (C) 2012 Jonathan Corbett. All rights released for any non-commercial purpose.

Produced using Windows Live Movie Maker (Premiere kept crashing my computer!) on a PC. :) Video recorded using an HP TrueVision HD Web cam, except for "hidden camera" sections using an iPod 4G. Audio using an audio-technica mic (that really wasn't intended to be used this way) mixed with Ableton Live.


Media & Official - jon [at] fourtentech.com -- please no phone calls, I will respond to all e-mail inquiries very quickly.

All others - please leave a note on my blog (link above). I do read them all and generally reply if your post needs a response.

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  • Hipjipc#

    Hipjipc March 13, 2012 5:08:25 AM CET

    We, the United States, are the biggest terrorist nation in the world run by people who rely on the ignorance of it's people and you're one of their star pupils. You my friend are a self-absorbed creature who can't see the murder of 100's of thousands of people from our country's illegal orders of war. No, all you think about is your safety on an airplane. Try saying oh shit every second of every day as a civilian in the middle of a war zone. Your world needs to be rocked hard pal!!

  • Hipjipc#

    Hipjipc March 13, 2012 4:59:48 AM CET

    Those body scanners weren't put there to guard against terrorists. They were put there to irradiate people, to make them sick, get cancer. Same reason why they've put flouride in drinking water to poison us slowly. 9/11 put a whole bunch of crap in motion and things are going to get a lot worse. We're all sleeping with the enemy and he's not a little Arab guy with a razor blade. We need a HERO!!!!

  • Vbowlin#

    Vbowlin March 11, 2012 9:37:39 PM CET

    Wow, why are you even on here? obviously you believe everything the government does or says and are very complacent to be treated like Chattel.

  • Illuminated#

    Illuminated March 7, 2012 6:58:02 PM CET

    ^ lol - do you have down syndrome? while your removing your shoes, being irradiated & having your genitals groped by min wagers repeatedly found to be stealing, raping & comitting pedophelia.. Some guy just drove his car onto a tarmac/ yeah i guess better fences weren't in the trillions dollar budget. imagine if that guy had a bomb & drove it to the terminal & blew up a plane? be a lot of dead safe people not having liquids or nail clippers & what not//

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