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3/2/2012 -- Next storm forming out West -- Mid-Atlantic States and South USA = Alert all night

If you live in East Texas (houston).. Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, or possibly as far north as New England... be aware of this ongoing severe threat. We are still seeing MULTIPLE ACTUAL tornadoes either on the ground or detected rotation ---- this is occurring across multiple states.... entire towns have been wiped out... this is very serious, and should be treated as such. Out west (pacific northwest PNW) we see another system in line to come down into the continental USA ... simultaneously .. in Colorado.. we see a new small disturbance picking up... be aware of both.. however the 2nd system out over the PNW is the one to really watch for this coming Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. This current storm over the east coast --- a RECORD BREAKING STORM --- has been one of the most (if not THE most) severe weeks on record. Be safe and much love to one another! ==dutch== --------------------------------------------- Funding the operation: The help if the individual viewer is needed !! I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able to help ! Secure link to give is here: my paypal name is As you can see on my websites / videos / work --- I have no advertisements, no sponsors, and I am not selling anything related to the topics I cover. All my work is free for sharing, and distribution -- radio, TV, and print. MANY THANKS to those who have ...

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