Major X 5.4 Solar Flare March 7, 2012

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Major X 5.4 Solar Flare !!
The second strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 24 and the Second X-Flare from Active Region 11429. This major event measured X 5.4 at 00:24 UTC and triggered a strong R3 Level Radio Blackout. A coronal mass ejection was captured shortly after and is likely to be headed earths way. more information shortly.
The expected CME from March 4 has impacted the earths magnetic field moments ago, causing the Bz component of the IMP to deviated sharply southward to - 18? nT. Geomagnetic storm should result in the next 3-4 hours.

this X-Flare was predicted in this video below

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Music used is Swords And Claws by Soundcritters

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