Book Revision-5: Covenants in Adam to be born of w

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Book Revision-5: Covenants in Adam to be born of water and in God to be born of spirit for Rest. I put part of the descrition as it will appear in the link to the whole Book. Someone will help to put the whole Book together. Covenants, which are o...

Book Revision-5: Covenants in Adam to be born of water and in God to be born of spirit for Rest.
I put part of the descrition as it will appear in the link to the whole Book. Someone will help to put the whole Book together.

Covenants, which are our bonds to, are only two; one is to our father in "flesh" Adam and the other is to our Father in "spirit" God. We are to keep both of these covenants in order to be born of water, Adam, and of spirit, God.

COVENANT OF FLESH IN ADAM:- The importance of this covenant for bearing "fruit" has been stressed by Christ Jesus in Matt.13.24-30. Thus, Adam was created by God in His own image and, therefore, those who stay in covenant with Adam are termed the "wheat" plants, sons of Man, Salt of the earth and they bear "fruit" through "works" whilst those who break their covenant with Adam are termed the "tares", the sons of Satan and they are the trouble makers who have no "conscience" or "salt" of their tribal elders, Saltless bastards and they have no faith, EEMAN or DHARM. Thus, when a religious person is not religious of his heart, inwardly, but he is just of the body or flesh i.e. a Jew is one which is inwardly and not outwardly, then he becomes a "fanatic" or tare.

The work of these tares is well manifested in N.Ireland, the Panjab, Israel, Lebanon, etc. This work of maltreating the innocent people will carry on till the End of the world through ATOMIC BOMBS when a lesson learnt from Israel will stun the whole world.

In the covenant of flesh, people may not be of "spirit" but their "works" in good faith are counted e.g. the widow's mite or the collection of money from the poor to the lavish living of the Pope.

"Sin" plays major role in this covenant and as the men are head of the families, it is only the men who are the "sinners" and not the women or the members of his family if they obey his instructions. Further, as the men obey the Rabbi, so the Rabbi carry the sins of his people and gives an annual blood sacrifice for the remission of their sins. Thus, John, the Baptist baptised only the "men" of conscience in water in the name of Abraham for establishing their covenant with Abraham that involved the remission of their sins committed under ignorance. John, the Baptist never baptised a woman or a Gentile. Gentile remained faithful to Abraham and for having the Salt of Abraham that Baby Christ Jesus was sent to the care of Gentile as the Saltless Jews would have got Him killed. The Hajj rites, which are to establish our "covenant with Adam", are also for the boys aged 12 to 16 only to establish their Covenant with their tribal elders and to remain "sons of Man".

COVENANT OF THE GRACE OF GOD: This covenant is for the pre-destined sensible people and unless God be willing, nobody can understand Gospel which is learnt through logical Reasoning. Such people of spirit display "common sense" and they are "rare" to come by but there are many hypocrites who make fool of the people of "flesh" in the name of Jesus. American Televangelists are typical examples of such hypocrites best termed the "psychics". So, be careful of the men of "letters", the wolves in sheep's clothing, who are nothing else but the "super donkeys" carrying the "Holy Books". Remember that Jesus faced many learned donkeys who wanted to challenge Him by the "letters" of the books or law.

In Jesus, what comes out of your mouth that matters and not what robes you have put on, male or female, Chosen People or Gentile, colour of your skin, cultural dress, etc., because "heart" is the seat of "spirit"; evil spirit bringing out evil deceptions of the Beast and holy spirit the good tidings of our Father. Thus, in Jesus both the sexes in flesh are the same in spirit but as in Adam, the males represent Adam's seed, or are the "heirs", so in God, the people of both sexes are "male heirs of the Royal Kingdom of God" in spirit. In general, understanding of the New Testament is beyond the capabilities of the "robes" that people acquire through academic qualifications in the "letters" whilst the people of spirit do not long for any such robes but rather seek "His Treasures" through logical Reasoning. Remember that the bishops can only teach the "moral Laws" of Moses and they cannot Preach the Gospel of God; whilst the women cannot teach the moral laws of Moses but they can "Preach" the Gospel by becoming the roving Preachers oJesus at His trial suffered during and after the destruction of Holiest of Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Further, blasphemy being of the field of "spirit" and not of the "letters", the blasphemers are not normally punishable by the law of the country but they are rather punished by God Himself. The destruction of Jerusalem Temple, death of the blasphemers and their sufferings wherever they went, sectarian riots in N.Ireland, Panjab, Lebanon, etc. are typical examples in which the blasphemers suffer at communal levels.

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