UFO OVER O'Fallon Illinois, March 1st 2012 GREAT FOOTAGE

This was filmed by jodyhavenot and these are his comments:
March 1st,2012 strange lights ovni over illinois...im not sayin it was little green men...but i dont know wtf it is...do you?
Heres what jody said when I asked him for more info.
well here's what happened...i was as at Mandy's in O'fallon il on thursday night..i do an acoustic gig there every thursday...on my break i went outside to smoke and i noticed these crazy looking lights so i ran back inside and grabbed my camera..its just a lil canon but it takes vid,though it is mostly for still shots...anyways..they were going basically north maybe a lil northwest...the weird thing was that they or it was completely silent..no one really even noticed.! but i am into ufos so i was pretty excited..the worst part is my batteries died or i might have been able to get more footage...its nuts because this vid gets a lot of views but most of my friends think since im mr. alien that i somehow hoaxed the footage...but i really didnt and what i filmed is 100 percent real. whatever it is...
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