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jail politicians and bankers

  • Dali777
  • uploaded: Mar 8, 2012
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  • Parasitenation7#

    Parasitenation7 March 8, 2012 9:46:42 PM CET

    I Love how after nearly 70 years... Idiots!!! In this country, and around the world still love to talk as if Hitler did something wrong!! He did Just what you advocated here in this video!! He arrested the Zionist banksters!! And all other corrupt Racial supremacist in his country [ talmudic Zionist JEWS ] and then he let almost 300 and 50 thousand Jews and other Communist enemies of the state just leave the country with their own free will!! Without firing a single shot on German soil!! Then he put back the then 6 million Germans who's lives had been destroyed by these so-called bankers, and money lenders.. BACK TO WORK in TWO YEARS!!![ What Hitler did by giving back the German people THREIR JOBS in just a two year period!! Has never been done by any so-called leader in history, and never will be!! ] That is where the real so-called gassed to death [ made into human soap and lamp shades blah, blah, blah, all proven fiction by independent researchers... Not BY the so-called winners of the war America, and our communist butcher buddies!! Who after the war raped over 4 million German women!! AFTER THE WAR!! And if you look at what was happing in Germany in the 20's, an 30's....?? How the bankers destroyed the German mark so bad that it took almost 1 BILLION German Marks just to by a fucking loaf of bread!! Wake up My fellow Americans!! It is a MIRROR IMAGE of what they are doing here in the states, and they will show you the exact same mercy they showed the German people [ military, or not!! ] AFTER THE WAR.. Jesus is there anybody left in this country who does not believe everything they hear [ in our Dumb downed schools! who relentlessly teach about the suffering and anguish of the poor innocent NEVER do anything WRONG, or Racist Jews, and Their FAKE-ASS HOLOHOAX.... While abolishing paying allegiance to the United States flag in public schools, and Not teaching the American full depth and rights GIVEN TO YOU BY YOUR CREATOR, and not man!!!! Found in that old dusty document called the American Constitution!!!!! Fucking YOU ARE JUST as fooled as these Protesters you talk about..... In this video... YOU WAKE UP!!!

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