We're Always Looking For Leaders - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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A short message... A Different Kind of Intelligence: What Has Happend To Mankind? Jiddu Krishnamurti holds Talks and Q&A Meetings at Brockwood Park, 1982. www.jkrishnamurti.org Full Video: www.jkrishnamurti.org Full Transcript: www.jkrishnamurti.org This video is a small excerpt from the session. Transcript of excerpt: You know we're always want to be led, but what about basically nature. We all want to be told what to do. Marx tells you what to do, Christ tells you what to do, the psychologists tell you what to do, the politicians tell you what to do. We're always looking for leaders - better political leader than the present one. And the better political leader is always not good enough but next one will be better. And so we keep this idea. Please let's be clear on this point. There is no leader as far as I am concerned. You can create the speaker into a leader, which will be an utter folly, but the speaker is not a leader. We are together co-operating to discover the cause of all this misery of man. You have had thousand leaders. (They've all failed.)--Fixed* for grammar asshole---(qcon81.) Quick Quote: In the very action of the individual changing, surely, the collective will also change. They are not two separate things opposed to each other, the individual and the collective, though certain political groups try to separate the two and to force the individual to conform to the so-called collective. -Jiddu Krishnamurti SUBSCRIBE:- www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www ...

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