• Uploaded by Dutchsense on Mar 9, 2012
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Youtube is making a major mistake. A major technical error? or intentional? What is the point (as a video maker) of having a youtube page that does not work for me the way I want it to? Myself (and my viewers) as well as every other person I can think of.. WANTS a video description to appear below the video no matter where they view it.. they want it readily available below the video -- something we are all accustomed to. Myself, and my viewers.. as well as every other person I can think of.. wants to be able to come to the VIDEO MAKERS MAIN PAGE and comment for all to see and discuss. Every video maker wants to be able to control the modules seen on THEIR CHANNEL --- All these functions are now removed. As a video maker I am left asking myself the obvious question.... is this forced switch an attempt to drive video makers away, so that its just music videos and corporate commercials on youtube.. in essence.. removing the YOU from youtube and just making it a hard to navigate "tube" of crap... IMO of course! thats what youtube used to be all about... but if you're on my main page.. you won't even be reading this since you don't see ANY video description on the featured channel page .. lol NO VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS ARE BELOW ANY VIDEO on the featured page, no matter whose page you're on ! So when I make a video.. and people come to watch it.. literally on my page (or anyone elses page for that matter)... you cannot see anything about the video!! not even a thumbs up or down ...

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