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3/7/2012 -- New Youtube Format = EPIC FAIL

Favorite and share this video.. get it to the top! OR make your own RE: New Youtube Format = EPIC FAIL video of your own ! Get the message out.. youtube video makers do NOT like this new format ! MESSAGE TO YOUTUBE : In the "old format" we had the ability to make our statistics like subscribers names information etc PRIVATE --- now it is public without the option to hide.... this is HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE . Second.. the profile needs to be able to BE MADE TRANSPARENT ... to allow the viewing of the background profile image through all the grey/black add ons you're forcing on us. Third.. the main channel chat ... WHERE DO I BEGIN ?!!! Main channel chat NEEDS to be on main channel page !!! simple concept ! the main channel chat.. LOOK AT THE ICONS of the people talking.. SOOO SMALL ... lol.. yet the video icons are SOOO BIG.. lol... EPIC FAIL... the main channel chat.. LOOK AT THE COLORING !! every other comment is highlighted.. making a hard to read zebra stripe effect.... the main channel chat.. WHERES THE REFRESH BUTTON so I don't have to reload my browser each time, reload the page each time just to read a comment? Basically put.. I know money, time, test groups, and effort went into this new design.. but PLEASE, YOUTUBE.. I'm begging you here.. please let us choose the OLD format as an option. We, the video makers, are not being heard... What do you want to bet that the only test group w/ this new format that was UNDER represented in this equation were the ACTUAL VIDEO ...

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