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3/9/2012 -- 7.1 magnitude earthquake in South Pacific -- Vanuatu

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Mar 10, 2012
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Full website post with links and screenshots: If there was ever any question of a Solar Flare / CME EARTHQUAKE CONNECTION .. this pretty much answers it. Link above to screenshots of the past week of earthquakes globally.. notice the LACK of earthquakes on the east side of the North American Craton ! --------------------------------------------- Funding the operation: The help if the individual viewer is needed !! I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able to help ! Secure link to give is here: my paypal name is As you can see on my websites / videos / work --- I have no advertisements, no sponsors, and I am not selling anything related to the topics I cover. All my work is free for sharing, and distribution -- radio, TV, and print. MANY THANKS to those who have helped in the past, and cheers to those who are thinking about giving! Everyone, regardless of donations, thankyou for caring about these topics!!

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