No more spiritually blind once-born Disciples in C

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No more spiritually blind once-born Disciples in Christ Jesus but twice-born Labourers of spirit -2. NO MORE OF THE SECULAR TRUTH AND LETTERS OR WORKS’ TIME BUT THAT OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, HIS WORD AND SPIRIT BY GRACE OF GOD.
Before the arrival of Christ Jesus, the Ideal Rabbis - Matt.13.v52, led the people to good works and taught them the moral laws, the transgression of which was sin but when they became greedy and corrupt, hypocrites, then our Father sends His Very Son, the all Powerful OMNIPOTENT Ambassador Christ in the name of Jesus to show us the very Gate of the Royal Kingdom of God, our Father. The Kingdom of Heaven is outside in the world that you can see with your two naked eyes in Law and order whilst this New Royal Kingdom of God is within one’s own heart best perceived through the loving and merciful deeds of the Person. The Saltless Rabbis having no conscience become jealous and seeing the danger of losing their position in society, tried their best to misguide the people. Those who blindly followed their Rabbis, believed whatever their Rabbi told them against all what they saw with their own naked eyes such as the Resurrection of Lazurus after being dead for Four days, they were dead and would not let their children to ponder over either. It was about this dead in spirit father that a person in the company of Jesus wanted to bury. Four are the four spiritual stages and they are ego in the once-born, mind in the doubting twice-born, wisdom in the sealed to serve twice-born and the Fourth is “Will” that the Person has attained Oneness with our Father. Lazurus had attained Oneness with our Father as Jesus had and Lazurus was Jesus’ Friend meaning Equal to Him in Spirit. It is believed that three days after death, the person’s soul remains in this world and on the Fourth day, it returns to our Father. So, Lazurus was re-called by Christ Jesus from our Father’s House to tell others what was it like in our Father’s House? Lazurus did tell others how he spent his time in our Father’s House and there are Gospels about it. I will put another Video on Lazurus and Saul. So, many Jews did not go for Christ Jesus as their parents were orthodox Jews believing whatever their own Rabbis told them and it was in this sense that Christ Jesus said that unless you renounce your mother and father, you cannot join me. Now, you will have a good picture of the affairs under the Rabbis in which you spoke secular truth and went by the written moral laws or Letters that generate works or KARMA. This worked well so far the Rabbis were honest and had the knowledge of Oral Torah, His Word, as the Samaritan village Rabbis had. But when the Jerusalem Rabbis and Priests became corrupt and hypocrites, then the problem arose needing Christ Jesus. The importance of Christ Jesus is well stressed by Simeon in the Temple that He has come to show the people the Narrow Gate to the Royal Kingdom of God that is for the Solitary Virgins of Truth and Spirit. Blind Disciples of the Rabbis have no ability to find this Narrow Gate never mind ENTERING into the Vineyard of our Father where our Gardner Father has Planted the True Vine Christ Jesus. Only the people of spirit or the twice-born could communicate and emulate their standards to the True Vine for grafting themselves to Preach Gospel after eating the Flesh of Jesus or by understanding the Gospel that came out of the mouth of Jesus. Gospel was given in Parables so that only the sensible people could interpret the sense out of the Parable Puzzles. The once-born people of letters have no ability to understand the Parables but the dead letters that make no sense. I think, it is not easy to write everything as for the sensible people they can easily get the gist of the Gospel. You become twice-born by asking questions and experiencing Agape. Seekers seek the Narrow Gate in order to Perceive the True Vine Christ Jesus and those who Knock get themselves grafted to the True Vine and bear Fruit by Preaching Gospel.

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