Ancient Aliens (full) the NASA connection

well, this episode is everything which recent episodes were not. Did they really listen to my statement on last weeks episode? NO of course not but this episode is about FACTS based upon good research which are presented in a sound way. ACCORDING TO ANCIENT ALIEN THEORISTS, the question now will be, why was this episode not broadcast before? "because CLEARLY, this one is not in the same style as the latter season up until now has been edited" , even tho the show seems to be a bit mild on NASA , to say the least, it does provide us with real facts and figures.

below, as reference, last weeks statement I made

Now, this series has become a prime example of what will happen to a good product, (which initially is well presented, was based upon serious and decades of research, and some solid and defensible evidence") when MONEY becomes the measurement, instead of what it should be : solid facts with a theory to match. All what's left is a wannabe superstar, who confuses his own believes and interpretations with what indeed is truly fact according to ALL ancient astronaut theorists. Or should I say to what ancient astronaut theorists actually believe to be evidence and possibilities.

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