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  • Alpiniolo#

    Alpiniolo March 11, 2012 4:12:08 PM CET

    Meyers Death...Stanley Allen Meyer, his brother Stephen and two Belgian investors raised glasses in the Grove City Cracker Barrel on March 20, 1998.Stephen Meyer recalls the events of that evening."Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently.""I ran outside and asked him, 'What's wrong?' " Stephen recalled."He said, 'They poisoned me.' That was his dying declaration."Stanley Meyer's bizarre death at age 57 ended work that, if proved valid, could have ended reliance on fossil fuels.If Stephen Meyer was shocked at his twin brother's collapse and death, he was equally amazed at the Belgians' response the next day."I told them that Stan had died and they never said a word," he recalled, "absolutely nothing, no condolences, no questions. I never, ever had a trust of those two men ever again."OFFICIAL STORY: FOOD INTOXICATION!!!Thats how it goes...

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