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Breaking - Unidentified Object SUN! March 11, 2012

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  • uploaded: Mar 11, 2012
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  • Damdevildog#

    Damdevildog March 23, 2012 9:59:41 AM CET

    because your fuckin stupid! Why even comment if your gonna be a miserable prick! Unless your blind you can obviously see the object ignoramus! Go to Youtube where you belong.

  • Namaster#

    Namaster March 19, 2012 10:26:54 AM CET

    IMHO. Possibly Nemesis... A similar effect can be seen between Jupiter & it's moon IO. We live in a binary system, but we are not told this. The twin star of our sun, is much smaller than our sun. Any astonomer who admits to this will lose their career & perhaps their life. This IS an opinion folks, so, take it, or leave it. Do your homework. Not interested in arguing...

  • Vaccineskill#

    Vaccineskill March 19, 2012 9:02:24 AM CET

    science still believes in self transformation from monkey... Science name weird stuff phenomena with no explanation or with fake explanation and where I come from its called religion

  • Coralbay00#

    Coralbay00 March 18, 2012 8:46:42 PM CET

    Hi. I agree and they are also holding back the inevitable of natural disasters, tectonic plates shifting etc. although some may disagree cos natural disasters are occuring but if were not for outside prevention then perhaps the disasters would be on a massive scale.

  • -Marduk-#

    -Marduk- March 12, 2012 4:11:14 PM CET

    An EMV quieting down the sun.

  • Alpiniolo#

    Alpiniolo March 12, 2012 3:36:07 PM CET

    Somebody here need glasses or a new monitor. I see clearly a absorbing black sphere very close to the sun with a tubelike vortex connected to it. So how can you see nothing? whats wrong?

  • Ufobillatgmail#

    Ufobillatgmail March 12, 2012 1:58:39 AM CET

    There's so many activities and actions being conducted from all of the different Groups connected with the Galactic Federation of Light of FREE PLANETS, as all of these Crafts are using their technologies to Block most of the Massive Damaging SUN Flair/Bursts Activities from creating soo much destruction & Turmoils on our Planet Earth and to it's People, as this will continue to happen until the Vibrational Frequencies Shift or Change After our Ascension in 2013...

  • Whitehawk2009#

    Whitehawk2009 March 12, 2012 1:24:55 AM CET

    This is amazing I hope they post updates on this anomaly.

  • Pitbulterrorist#

    Pitbulterrorist March 11, 2012 11:27:30 PM CET

    agree the conduit is open again

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 March 11, 2012 11:13:06 PM CET

    I see no object whatsoever here

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