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This has got to be the best 3 apparitions ever caught on video.
The expert staff at Proof Finders Paranormal Investigation http://prooffindersparanormal.com/ showed up at my house in Rockville Maryland thinking this was going to be an average investigation.
The funny thing about this video was the person who captured it was going up my pull down stairs to my attic, and forgot to turn off her video camera and it captured this all by accident.
Within less than two minutes of their investigation one of their staff members was almost taken down to his knees when a spirit went right through him.
There were orbs flying everywhere and dowsing rods going back and forth, as well as lights flashing on their E.M.F meters in response to several questions being answered by spirits as quick as they could be asked. Also several E.V.P. recordings were made of the spirits talking.
But that was nothing compared to capturing some of the best full body apparitions ever caught on camera.
See for yourself what just may be one of the best paranormal investigations ever recorded anywhere on this planet.
They told me that it was the most incredible investigation they have ever seen and they confirmed that my house does have paranormal activity.
It just helps to justify that this is one of Maryland's Most Haunted places that has the best E.V.P's, spirit Interaction, as well as this best full body apparitions display in the world ! You don't have to take my word for it, just watch the video and you will see the facts right before your own eyes. WANT TO SEE A LOT MORE ? You can contact me about my ghost and other paranormal activity in my home go to; My Facebook site at; http://www.facebook.com/number1spiritconnection?sk=wall or My website Talk To Ghost At; http://ghostconnection.ning.com/

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