3/11/2012 -- One year since Japan Earthquake , Tsunami , and Nuclear Meltdown

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It has been a full year since the tragedy in Japan --- the super-massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed immediately by a very large tsunami which destroyed the east coast of Japan --- including a fully stocked series of Nuclear reactors at the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tens of thousands of people died in the immediate tsunami wave -- hundreds of people killed around the Pacific ring as the waves traveled half way across the world -- hitting shorelines as far as west Coast USA .. and East Coast Africa. The nuclear fallout from the Fukushima meltdown and EXPLOSION is still ongoing -- the global death toll from this still very active situation will never fully be known. There were DOZENS of other large earthquakes globally which killed thousands more -- Turkey, South America, Central America, and New Zealand. Volcanic eruptions and flows at a very noticeable high -- as seen at Sakurajima Japan, El Hierro Canary Islands, or Pu'u' O'o in Hawaii -- Alaska, Russia, central and south america, Italy, and the Continental United states also showing signs of volcanic activity ! BILLIONS of animals have died worldwide.. birds, fish, cattle, sea creatures such as dolphins and whales.. even down to jelly fish.... literally BILLIONS washing up in mass quantities worldwide. THOUSANDS of people killed in severe weather (possibly 10's of thousands injured).. just by severe weather in the USA, Australia, and Europe. 2011 and 2012 have proved to be HUGE storm years.. 2011 ...

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