Crop Circles and Sound (Part 1)

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Ed Sherwood talks about the first Crop Circle pictogram he deciphered in 1990 and its connection to the physics and metaphysics of Sound.

Crop Circles & Sound: The Chilcomb Crop Circle Pictogram Deciphered

By Ed Sherwood

In early August 1990, I discovered and amassed compelling scientific evidence that 'Sound' could be involved in the physics of non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and that sonic and ultrasonic energy might explain many of the anomalous biophysical effects observed in certain Crop Circle formations plants, seeds and soil.

I also found ancient sacred symbols, and 'interference patterns', associated with the physics and metaphysics of sound, and ultrasound, depicted in certain non-manmade Crop Circle formations.

The first of these appeared near Chilcomb in Hampshire (England) on June 6th 1990 and was deciphered by myself two months later.

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Crop Circles & Sound (Part 1):
Chilcomb 1990 Crop Circle Report:

Crop Circles & Sound - Part 1 (report to follow)

The Word is Nine:

This report includes many of Ed Sherwood's scientific discoveries, made in 1990, linking Sound and Ultrasound to the biophysics of non-manmade Crop Circle creation.

Ed Sherwood has disseminated his scientific findings, connecting Sound and Ultrasound to the biophysics of non-manmade Crop Circle creation (including the above), among Crop Circle researchers since 1990 and the public since 1992. In 2000 however, a 'fellow' Crop Circle 'researcher' began plagiarizing a lot of his sound observations and has since become widely known for presenting them as his own, without making any reference to his original source. This statement is made to inform readers that Ed Sherwood was the original source.

Crop Circles & Sound (Part 2):
Deus ex Sol:

Crop Circles & Sound (Part 3):
(Ref. The Word Is Nine -- Part 1)

Crop Circles & Sound (Part 4):
Litchfield 1995 Crop Circle Report:

Crop Circles & Sound (Part 5):
The Laguna Canyon 1996 Crop Circle Formation:?

Crop Circles & Sound (Part 6):
Roundway 1992 Crop Circle Report:

Video Clip:

Crop Circles & Sound (P1) is excerpted from a ninety minute public presentation entitled 'Crop Circle Answers: 'Who' or 'What' has been Creating the Worldwide Crop Circle Phenomenon and Why?' by Ed & Kris Sherwood at the IUFOC Convention in 2004 (DVD Volume#437).

Still Images:

Chilcomb Crop Circle Pictogram (photo) ©? 1990 Pat Delgado?Chilcomb Crop Circle Formation Interference Pattern (Silhouette/diagram) ©? 1990 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

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