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The True Meaning of LOST


  • Terry72763#

    Terry72763 April 30, 2012 3:00:40 PM CEST

    Well Because you don't know, i'll tell you. Eve never sinned, Adam Blasphemed, when asked why he ate a forbidden fruit, he told the angel, the woman you gave me enticed me into eating it. He blamed the angel. the first sin was blasphemy, as he did not answer the question but "passed the Buck" He blamed the angel inasmuch as saying it was the angels woman that enticed him.....So easy a child can understand it, remember? Man never took responsibility for his action, and eve only ate a forbidden fruit, the result of which is to know death. But unless it is specifically told it is not a sin but an infraction, a rule broken, not a Law, but a rule. The bible makes it clear if it is sin or not. [ For this is a sin] Eve was given much pain in child-birth for breaking the rule. it was already clear that eating the fruit would KILL you. so death wasn't a punishment, but a given result. Notice the serpent was never said to have done wrong? )))OOOOhhh!!!!

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