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In 1967 fishing village of Puerto Morelos, less than ten miles north of the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya should have made world and national news as six men who were fishing the reefs not only witnessed, but filmed the attack of three extraterrestrials who levitated from several UFO space vehicles. Juan Rica, then 47 years old told investagators the extraterrestrials ate seven large fish raw (alive) from fish nets then the UFOs hoovered overhead, and the extraterrestrials and three of the six fishermen were quickly levitated up and into one of the UFOs. Sadly, only a few seconds were caught on camera. A Mexican navy patrol boat quickly radio operator was ordered to S.O.S. the US military located on the Caribbean side of the Yucatán Peninsula who were on the scene within an hour or so. The officials on the scene declaired the three remaining fishermen drunk, the US Air Force took the camera. The three remaining fishermen died several years ago while serving life sentences via insainity in a mental institution in the Yucatán Peninsula and the men who were abducted by the UFOs were later pronounced lost at sea. The film was removed from the film archives of the security forces of Area 51 by a disgruntled military employee which until just a few months ago, was released to underground MUFON investigators.

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