Lense flares/CGI/UFO?

What do you make of this? I dont know the conditions needed to cause lense flares, The first passing car did not cause one but the second car seemed to be going slightly uphill on passing which would change the angle of its headlights, It seems as though the lights are too far apart for this explaination to me and they appear to cross over towards end.

video found on youtube so could also be cgi but seems too blatant

"One driver has unexpected company on their way through the snow — as two bright lights suddenly flash through the sky Britain's The Sun reported.

This creepy video is taken from the dashboard of a car making its way along a snow-covered road, with heavy fog keeping visibility to a minimum.

But just as an oncoming vehicle passes the camera, two bright white dots appear in the sky above the road.

They quickly pass overhead, before disappearing into the fog without a sound.The video, posted online by a UFO sighting group, is claimed to be from a camera in a Scottish Mountain Rescue vehicle.

But critics have slammed the video, with several claiming the lights in the sky are just lens flares — lights from the oncoming car reflected in the camera."

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