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Conspiracy Rising! (Full Documentary)

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  • uploaded: Mar 13, 2012
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What's really at the root of society's skepticism of the "official story"? What type of person is it that believes a sinister and secret society is manipulating the government?

Set against the global socio-political landscape, Conspiracy Rising uses the latest science and psychology to investigate the causes of conspiracy theories, why we are wired to believe them, and how as a society it is imperative that we separate the fantasies from the real threats.

JFK Motorcade - Photo courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Combining remarkable, iconic archival footage, visits to the sites behind the most notorious conspiracy theories and interviews with both leading conspiracy theorists and scientific experts, Conspiracy Rising will introduce the audience to fascinating material, outlandish claims and posed "truths" that have been hidden for decades all the while questioning us on why we choose to believe... or not.
The number of popular conspiracy theories and the speed at which they spread across the globe is a growing cause for concern. Over 1/3 of Americans believe their government did not tell them the truth about 9/11. One third of the British population believes that Princess Diana did not die an accidental death (watch two views of Diana'a death). Belief in conspiracy pervades our modern culture and proliferates in cyberspace with thousands of sites dedicated to theories behind the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana, UFO's, Area 51, and 9/11. Looking at these events and others, Conspiracy Rising reveals how our society's distrust in government and other institutions has created a culture of doubt. It examines the ways that fearful people find comfort in the order and explanations that conspiracy theories provide. Conspiracy Rising shows how conspiracy theories frequently discourage honest discourse, incite racism and persecution and, if unchecked, can threaten the most basic foundations of a democratic society.

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  • Eddigangi#

    Eddigangi March 17, 2012 9:39:14 PM CET

    This is absurd, Popular Mechanics are completely fabricating info. No where was there any evidence of a plane found in the Pentagon, just the opposite the small round hole that was found showed no evidence of any crraft with "wings" hitting the bldg.. I too couldn't bear watching the rest of this dribble. People like me are seeking the truth, not just looking for conveinient sites that agree with us. Anyone who looks at 9/11 intelligently would have to come away with the feelinf that they were not hearing the real story.. Someday it will all come out, I just hope to God I am here when folks are brought to justice.

  • Breadalban#

    Breadalban March 16, 2012 2:58:33 AM CET

    Got to 11:11 and stopped. By this point conspiracy theorists had been portrayed as unscientific, intellectually questionable, emotional rabble-rousers by 'experts'. Even if later in the show they countered the points made in the first 11:11, the show would still favour the initial experts because it wouldn't allow a point by point comparison by equals. It's like the first impression effect, where the mind makes a decision regarding the information it processes about the 'thing' and from then on until there is an epifany moment where experience and logic combine to alter that initial impression, your mind merely utilizes the intervening information to support it's inital conclusion; Kelley's Covaration Theory demonstrates that when you start with information delivered by people whom the listener wants to associate with, to be in consesus with, and then their speil is supported by another whom they want to be in consensus with, (most people want to associate with what they believe is an expert and will defer to their position ie milgram experiments) the listener attributes consistancy to the point of view so it becomes instilled as the appropriate belief and from that point on any 'conspiracy expert' becomes a fantasist and an object of ridcule and revile, no matter his qualifactions or expertise. This is a ploy used by all MSM to discredit alternative thinkers.

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