Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Ver

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Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Versus Spirit of our Father God -F L E S H V E R S U S S P I R I T

The "GOLDEN RULE" that what applies to "flesh", the opposite applies to the matters of "spirit" is further illustrated to give the reader a thorough grasp of the principles. Thus:-

1. The creator demiurge god of male and female called "Yahweh", BRAHMA, Khuda etc. has one name and is well-known for being "jealous and revengeful"; whilst the Emanatory of souls called God, PAARBRAHM, Allah, RAM, etc. has many names according to the attributes, Personality and Beneficiary qualities that He displays and He is "Loving and Merciful".

2. Holy books such as written "Torahs", VEDAS, etc. are learnt from a "GURU" or schoolmaster by the "letters" of the holy books and they are obeyed to the very letter whilst exceptions to the laws are made by the GURU, Rabbi or PANDIT, in the Light of Oral Torah or Holy Spirit; whilst Gospel is ushered in by an "anointed Christ, called a "SATGURU" in "Panjabi" and the people understand It only by the grace of God (BAL RAM JEO). God being Spirit, only the twice-born people of spirit can understand Gospel and worship Him in spirit. Gospel, unlike the "letters" that could be written down and taught in the universities, is "preached", like a Sower, by the Roving Preachers called the Royal Priests, through heart-to-heart discussions in Holy spirit, “common sense” and Its "Spiritual Principles, The Word" has no exceptions but the Christs being the Omnipotent Ambassadors of God can exercise their Will in Mercy, the Chief Quality of God. Thus, as a Rabbi or PANDIT can make exceptions in the moral laws similarly a Christ can make an exception in the "Will of God". In learning the Secrets of Gospel one has to be impartial and unbiased like a little child.

3. VEDAS of BRAHMA are taught by the incarnation of demiurge god "VISHNU"; Shri Ram Chander Ji, the moon (CHAND) of the Sun (RAM or God) and Moses also based his moral laws on the "Word of God" i.e. Moses put on Christ and wrote the Torah or Moses Himself saw the Face of God but he showed the back or shadow to the people. Rabbis and PANDITS, just the priests or GURUS, being the "teachers" of the moral laws are also called the witness to the "Light", but not the "Light" e.g. John, the Baptist, an ideal Levi priest of Moses. Whilst God being "Eternal" and the very Source of all, He Himself sends His Own anointed Royal Priest or Christ to spread "His Word", the very Light of the light of moon, when the priests of Moses had become corrupt, inefficient and lightless i.e. the old cloth, the written Torah, had developed holes (corruptions). Thus, God has no incarnation but His Omnipotent Ambassador Christ in the name of Jesus came to fulfil the law i.e. to darn the holes as the first bishop St.Stephen was doing in the name of Jesus that annoyed the corrupt Temple priests. Thus, Jesus did not come to either replace or destroy the moral laws but to rectify them. Gospel is also the "Oral Torah", New Cloth, New Wine or the New Treasures - Matt.13.52.

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