Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Ver

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Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Versus Spirit of our Father God -2. F L E S H V E R S U S S P I R I T 7. Elijah or John, the Baptist, who sat in his chair enforced the moral laws of Moses and gave his life in the course of ...

Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Versus Spirit of our Father God -2.

7. Elijah or John, the Baptist, who sat in his chair enforced the moral laws of Moses and gave his life in the course of his duty i.e. fighting the sinners. Thus, in Elijah, the Priest keeps himself behind the "flock" and the "flock" has no option or "free will". Ideally, the Moses’ Priests are bound by the Laws themselves and have no Freewill but still, they are Freemen of society. Whilst in Christ Jesus emphasis is not so much on "sin" as on the "blasphemy". Thus, the woman who was caught red-handed in the act of adultery was just cautioned by Jesus and He rather asked the accusers in Moses to search their own "hearts" for "sins" before accusing the others emphasising that in God we treat others as we wished to be treated. In fact, we are all sinners whilst Jesus took the "sinful" human form in order to create for us the perfect "Footsteps" to Salvation. Thus, in Jesus the Apostles walk ahead of the flock and the people have the "free will" to go astray e.g. Judas Iscariot. God being Spirit, only the living persons in spirit, which are very few in number, can understand the Gospel. This fact is emphasised by Jesus when He told a living person, who wanted to go home to bury his dead in letters father, that "Let the (spiritually) dead bury their dead" as at present the so-called Christians, Sikhs, etc. follow their clerics blindly and thus kill and bury their very own "Reasoning Power" capable of "intuition". Thus, in Jesus the Living shall never die (Resurrection of Lazarus and Jesus Himself to prove it) and the dead in spirit men of letters shall never rise from their graves as propagated by the Dog-Collared anti-christs, who even used to take bribes for a ticket to non-existent heaven after death! Remember that in Moses the priest was responsible for the sins of the people whilst in Jesus every one of us has to give his own account to God and not the dog-collared blind clerics.

8. Priests work for Adam and they establish the covenant of men with Adam, who is not Real but Shadow to our Real Father God. So, Adam was a mortal and so are his Priests and sons. Whilst the Royal Priests of our Father God introduce the people to the covenant of grace of God, Who is eternal. Thus, the sons of God are eternal like their Father and inherit the Royal Kingdom of God. Sons are working Labourers of our Father and not the dead slave Disciples of the Rabbis. Inheritance is to the sons of God and not to the blind Disciples of Rabbis or the Dog-Collared hireling Priests of the Synagogues of Satan, the present Churches of Mammon.

9. "Sons of Adam" are termed the "wheat plants" - Matt.13.24-30. We, who are born of the physical fathers, are just "sons of Man"; whilst Jesus being born of a Virgin was the second Adam, the anointed "Son of Man". As in Adam, the boys carry the "seed" and are the "heirs", so in God, the people of spirit, and both male and female in flesh, being the "heirs of God" are the "sons of God". And Jesus being the anointed "Son of God" had the very Spirit of God right from His Virgin conception. Royal Priests of God are called the "Christs"; those with the "erring spirit of man" are called the "christs" and they are the younger Brethren of Jesus whilst those with the non-erring "Spirit of God" like the Apostles were are called the "Christs" and they are the Twin Brethren of Jesus, the anointed Christ. It is only for the people of flesh that Jesus is Lord and God incarnate and they call themselves "Christians" and the blind follower Disciples.

10. In Elijah, the moral teachers - Matt.13.52 - are authoritarian and super-rulers i.e. they used to sit in the secular courts and had the power to overrule the judgement of the kings; whilst in Jesus the Apostles, with the exception of St.Peter, Who was given the Key to the kingdom of heaven, are humble super-servants; Jesus came to serve and not to be served. For being contented with our lot and being merciful, we are loving "Royal Kings" of God.

11. Secular kings are called "BAADSHAH" i.e. the head (SHAH) of an area (ABAADI) and they are generally materialistic as the Queen is in U.K.; whilst the Royal Kings are called "PAATSHAH" i.e. the Head who looks after the honour (PATT) of the people and They being "spiritualistic", Their Royal Kingdom is within the hearts of people and It has no physical boundaries.

12. Secular kings put on an expensive and comfortable crown made up of the artificial and dead materials such as the precious metals and stones; whilst our Royal King Christ Jesus had a much coveted un-comfortable and cheap Crown made up of the living Natural material from a thorny bush. None of the Apostles had a similar honour of a Royal Kingship as Jesus.

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