Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Ver

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Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Versus Spirit of our Father God -3. 13. Moral teachers being the hereditary owners of a temple (), the bishop of an autonomous Church of God would be a "man" in the name of John, the Baptist....

Book Reision - 6: Flesh in Adam, born and die, Versus Spirit of our Father God -3.

13. Moral teachers being the hereditary owners of a temple (Matt.13.52), the bishop of an autonomous Church of God would be a "man" in the name of John, the Baptist. He would teach the moral laws of Moses and keep the congregation morally sound especially on the principles of treating others as one wished to be treated. Thus, the corrupt government officials and businessmen will have no place in the Church of God. The bishop being one of the seven male deacons who were democratically elected by the male Church members, his praises lie with the men who elected and ordained him. Whilst the Royal Priests of God are Pre-ordained of our Father God and they are the roving Preachers of Gospel. They expose the prevalent "blasphemies" in the Light of Gospel e.g. in the Light of the Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly", it is a blasphemy to say that Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, etc. were killed and are being killed. Apostles being ordained of God, they are outspoken and seek the praises and Protection of God and not those of the people.

14. The bishops being the representatives of John, the Baptist make men the "sons of Man". The first ideal bishop St.Stephen was trying to make the Temple priests the sons of Abraham that they got mad at him and ordered their "Saltless" stooges, the people without conscience, "sons of Satan", the fanatics, to stone him to death. John, the Baptist, called those Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc., the "satanic fathers", a brood of vipers and refused to baptise them in the name of Adam. Further, the woman being a "daughter of Eve" and being not a "sinner" if she obeys her husband, need not be baptised in water. Whilst in Jesus, it is the heart that matters most and the Baptism of Holy Spirit or Ordination is by the grace of our Father. Thus, the Apostles urged the clean-hearted people to seek the "Royal Kingdom of God" in order to be the "heirs of God" and be "eternal" like their "Eternal Father". Thus, the Last Footstep in the Ministry of Jesus was the "Last Supper" in which the Loaf of Bread, the Body of Jesus, the congregation, was dispersed in order to preach the Gospel. Thus, the Last Supper is the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit only to those who were baptised by John, the Baptist and Judas Iscariot was thrown out well before Christ Jesus Welcome the Eleven Virgin Brides into the Bridal Chamber by washing their Feet. Remember that the Pharisee Simon did not honour Christ Jesus by washing His Feet.

15. Thus, the bishops can baptise Jewish men in water but they cannot administer the "Eucharist of Sacrifice"; whilst in Jesus, even women can become the Roving Preachers to spread Gospel and administer the "Eucharist" to the baptised in water Jewish men. But the women cannot teach the moral laws of Moses.

16. Keys to the kingdom of heaven, which is for the comforts of "flesh" and is "seen" through the law and order, used to be with the Rabbi, who after becoming corrupt would neither themselves enter nor let anybody else enter; whilst Christ Jesus introduced to us the much superior "Royal Kingdom of God" for the "peace of our minds", which is established within our hearts and is "perceived" through the qualities of God such as "mercy" and service.

17. High priest in Moses used to give a sin-sacrifice of a lamb for his people once a year and some devoted priests used to give their very own sacrifice for the sins of their people; whilst Jesus, our Royal High Priest gave his own sacrifice once only for all the people of world. Such a sacrifice is expected of all the Labourers of Jesus to win over the blasphemers. Also, remember that John, the Baptist gave his life fighting against the "sinners" whereas the martyrdom of Christ Jesus rested upon the shoulders of "blasphemers" who were punished by God in 70 A.D.

18. Secular relations observe fleshly love called "Eros”; whilst the spiritual true love is called "Agape". Thus, the fleshly relations can wither away but not the spiritual Brethren.

19. Physically sick people thank the doctor for the cure; whilst the spiritually sick people not only hate the Doctor but they even kill Him and blame a third person. Pilate washed the hands of affairs under the Sun that he has nothing to do with the Blood of Christ Jesus but Jews shouted let the Blood of Christ Jesus be upon us and our children.

20. Rabbis fight against the "sins" whilst the Apostles expose "blasphemies" or Hypocrisy.

Many more things could be written but they are best thrashed over in a heart-to-heart discussion.


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