Death Row Kids 2005

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Death Row Kids-January 2005In the last five years more juvenile offenders were killed in Texas than in the rest of the world combined. America continues to defend its right to execute children. "They think were beasts. And we deserve nothing else other than our execution" despairs Oswaldo. Hes been on death row since he was 17 after accidentally killing a man during an armed robbery. "In 12 years I havent had a hug or a kiss." In Louisiana Lawrence Jacob Jr is also fighting for his life. Like Oswaldo he was only 17 when he was sentenced to death. "Im not asking you to release me. Im only asking you for the chance to rehabilitate" he reasons. Cerebral research proves that the brains of 17 year olds have not developed as much as adults. "Youths at that age are much too impulsive and dont have the control" explains one expert. But in America thats no bar to their execution.

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