3/14/2012 -- THREE LARGE Japan EQ's = TWO 6.8M earthquakes and ONE 6.2 magnitude

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UPDATE .. 610am CST 3/14/2012 -- As I upload this to youtube.. ANOTHER 6.2M has just struck south of the area by a few dozen miles --- this makes TWO 6.8M and ONE 6.2M .. this is per the USGS ---- these numbers for sure will change (up or down) depending on final calculations and measurements. But for sure its large movement occurring. Website post with screenshot and links : sincedutch.wordpress.com ------------------------------------ Funding the operation: The help if the individual viewer is needed !! I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able to help ! Secure link to give is here: www.paypal.com my paypal name is dork2door@yahoo.com As you can see on my websites / videos / work --- I have no advertisements, no sponsors, and I am not selling anything related to the topics I cover. All my work is free for sharing, and distribution -- radio, TV, and print. MANY THANKS to those who have helped in the past, and cheers to those who are thinking about giving! Everyone, regardless of donations, thankyou for caring about these topics!!

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